Tool Torsion Testing Machine

Product Introduction:
This machine is mainly used for testing the torsion mechanical properties of various tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, bits, sleeves, universal joints, and pipe clamps.
Description Function introduction
Technical Specifications:
             Model ZCNZ-Z/W Series
Capability (N. m) 50/100/200/300/500/1000/2000/5000
Relative error of torsion repeatability (%) ±1.0
Minimum reading value of the torsion angle (°) 0.01
Measurement range of torsion angle (°) 0-10000
Torsion speed (°/min) 0.05-720
Test space (mm) 1000
Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz
1.Self-reset: test torque, Angle, according to the need to reset at any time;
2.The speed adjustable: the test speed can be adjustable, to ensure that according to different samples choose different test speed;
3.Self calibration: through the software coefficient adjustment to achieve the accuracy of test force calibration;
4.In addition, failure type determination: samples will automatically return to the initial test state after breaking;
5.It is the test process of the data, indicators, test data curve synchronization curve;
6.choose built-in test standards/methods, but do not edit test standards and test methods;
7.Once set Τ test torque, the detection of the torsional Angle of omega materials/components andSet the twist Angle of omega, detection test torque Τ materials/components;
8.Being can set up multiple testing point;
9.'levies automatic processing to the collected signals, real-time reality, automatic storage, experiment after the completion of automatic return to the initial state;
11.can according to customer's requirements or product needs, complex operation was achieved by the editor;
12. with overload automatic stop, over current, over voltage protection function