WAW-1000B Computer-Controlled Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

Item No.: WAW-1000B
Description Main Configuration
Product Description
The testing machine uses four-column structure and hydraulic loading, computer display test results. It is easy to operate and the test readings are accurate and reliable. It can be used for tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of general steel and other materials. The card-type digital closed-loop control system dedicated by “Zhongchuang” can achieve three closed-loop control of test force, displacement and deformation.
Technical Performance Index
Max test force 1000KN
Test range of test force 2%-100%
Relative error of test force of indicating value ≤±1% of indicating value
Max tensile test space 750mm
Max compression test space 500mm
Piston stroke 200mm
Distance between the columns 580mm
Max clamping range of round sample Φ6-Φ40
Max clamping thickness of flat sample 0-30mm
Max clamping width of flat sample 75mm
Size of compression plate φ160mm
Max distance between two points of bending fulcrum 300mm
Bending roll width 140mm
Clamping type Hydraulic clamping
Total motor power 2kw
Size of testing machine 950*850*2300mm
Size of measuring cabinet 1100*750*1000mm
Weight 2800kg

  1. Testing machine with the cylinder down type  1 PCS
  2. Pressure Sensor  1 PCS
  3. Servo control oil source  1 SET
  4. Electro-hydraulic servo valve  1 PCS
  5. Electric control system  1 SET
  6. Commercial desktop computer 1 PCS
  7. Printer 1 PCS
  8. Fixture:
Round sample stretching clamp  Φ13-Φ26 mm ,Φ26-Φ40 mm each 1 SET
Flat sample stretch clamp   0-15 mm 1 SET
Compression fixture    Φ160 mm 1 SET