WDW-20 Electronic Universal Testing Machine

Item No.: WDW-20
Description Working Environment Conditions
Product Description
This machine is mainly suitable for the testing of mechanical properties such as tension, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, compressive and bending of metal, nonmetal and composite materials. Different test fixtures can be used for different tests, and the test fixtures are optional.
Technical Parameters
Model WDW-20
Testing machine type Computer control and dual-column type
Max test force 20kN2T
Test force tranches Stepless speed regulation
Measuring range 2%—100%FS
Accuracy of test force ±1%
Resolution of displacement 0.01 mm
Range of displacement speed control 0.01-500mm/min
Accuracy of displacement speed control ±1%
Level of testing machine Level 1
Error of deformation indication ≤±50+0.15L
Test space width 400mm(Can be customized)
Distance between beam and workbench 650mm(Can be customized)
Appearance In line with GB / T2611 requirements
Completeness Conform to the standard requirement
Protection function Overload protection, limit protection, electric control system overcurrent, overpressure, overheating overtemperature protection
Size of testing machine 730*420*1650 mm
Power supply 220V50Hz(Can be customized)
Power 0.75KW
Total weight About 300 kg

  1. Ambient temperature range:10℃–35℃, if have special requirements, the test temperature should be 23℃±5℃.
  2. Placed on a solid foundation.
  3. In a clean environment with no vibration.
  4. No strong electromagnetic interference surrounding.
  5. Power supply voltage fluctuation range should be not more than plus or minus 10%