ZCHR-150A Rockwell Hardness

Product Introduction:
Rockwell hardness is a new type of mechanical test instrument. It has good structure rigidity, accurate indication value and convenient operation. It can be used to measure Rockwell hardness of hard alloy, hardened steel, aluminum
Technical Specifications:
Model ZCHR-150A
Rockwell 20-88 HRA / 20-100 HRB / 20-70 HRC
Initial testing force 10kg (98.07N)
All testing force 60Kg (588N) / 100Kg (980N) / 150Kg (1471N)
Max height of specimen 200mm
Overall dimension 466*250*618mm
Net weight 80kg
Other Optional Models:
ZCHR-150D Electric Rockwell Hardness Tester
ZCHR-150S Digital Display Rockwell Hardness Tester